Get To Know Krayonshop!

Meet Liz, craft enthusiast and the creator behind Krayonshop. Since 2002, Liz has been creating color combined crayons and candles in heart shapes using recycled crayons from her own kitchen. She loves gifting her crayons and candles to school teachers, friends and family. Her creative approach to making new from recycled things not only was viewed as a unique craft but a personalized approached to gifting for any occasion.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Liz drew inspiration for her newly found creation from her resourceful mother, Philippine culture , artistry and her background in business. She started selling her rainbow shaped crayons locally during holidays while her focus remains on her family and her career.  After her husband retired from the Army and over 600 shapes of crayons later, Liz made a decision to develop her crayon gig into a full-time business in 2019.

Krayonshop was opened on Spring of 2019 and made over 1600 sales within a year without even promoting her own business and continuously growing. Putting hand in "handmade", crayons are peeled, broken into pieces and reshaped with heat to make a new crayon. Buyers kept coming back because of the quality and it's handmade touch. "When you receive the crayons from Krayonshop, it is more than just a purchased item from a store, but rather a personal gift created for you!" 

-This is my family. Proud business owner and mother of 4 children and wife to my amazing husband who served in the Army for 20+ years.