Valentine’s Crayon Party Favors For Kids / Set of 6


Make your Valentine’s prep made easy with Krayonshop’s Crayon Party Favors Gift Packs for Kids! Great Gift for Kid’s Class exchange gift and Teacher’s Reward Gift!

Our Mini Rainbow Crayon Packs comes in set of 6 and available in variety of shapes with bag toppers exclusively designed by Krayonshop. These mini crayon packs comes in kaleidoscope of colors making kid’s coloring experience extra fun!

Sets to Choose From:
-Outer Space
-Princess Crowns

Each crayon size varies from .75” to 1”.

Krayonshop specialize in handmade rainbow crayons perfecting your gifting needs for all holidays and occasions and shipping world wide for over 16 years! After being a part of crayon artisan industry for nearly 2 decades, we are thrilled to be a part of online marketplace selling finest handcrafted products (rainbow crayons) for over a year!

Join our new and growing Instagram community (@krayonshop) and share us our rainbow crayons from Krayonshop, be the first one to know about our promotions and sale and see more behind the scenes.

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