Kid's Personalized Name Crayon Gift


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Celebrate your kid’s birthday and back to school with pop of colors with Personalized Rainbow Name Crayons by Krayonshop®! These rainbow crayons are handmade with recycled non-toxic crayons and offers kaleidoscope of colors giving your kid’s coloring experience a whole new level of fun. Each set can be customized to child’s name, event, holiday your celebrating and favorite phrase making a perfect party favor and event giveaways!


Krayonshop offers 3 different gift box sizes we use which varies on the quantity of letters you need in each set.

Crayon letters height is approx. 1.5” tall while width my vary depending on the letter.

- Our standard size of 8x2 will fit up to 5 letters as shown on our “JAMES” listing photo.

- 6-8 Letters will fit in our wider gift box of size 4x6 and will be arranged in two rows as shown on our “BRONSON” listing photo.

- 8-13 Letters will fit in our larger gift box of size 5x7 and will be arranged between 2-3 rows as shown on our “CHARLOTTE” listing photo.

While we do our best to fit everything in our standard box (8x2), name with over 7 letters will automatically be packaged in a wider or larger gift box and will be arranged in 2-3 rows (depending on the quantity of letters) to ensure safe shipping and prevent letters from breaking during transit (especially names with O, Q, G, M, W, N which are wider).

The arrangement of color combination will differ for each set for unique look.

Each gift box come with Krayonshop® organic hand dyed rainbow strings and can be customized with color upon request to match your event’s theme color or current holiday.

Krayonshop® has been making rainbow crayons with over 800 different shapes from fun to customized shapes for over 16 years! We offer fun rainbow colors and array of unique blending combination of colors perfecting your gifting needs for every occasion!

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