Rainbow Rock Crayons / Set of 15 Rock Crayons Gift for Kids


Color with our Rainbow Rock Crayons™! Set of 15 Rainbow Rock Crayons is packaged in a draw string bag, ready for gifting! This set is a fun and great gift for Easter basket fillers, party favors, and more! Our draw string bag makes it easy to pack and take along with you to keep the kids busy at a restaurant table or on a road trip!

  • 15 mini rainbow non toxic crayon rocks
  • color combination will vary per set
  • available in rainbow, gemstone colors, pastel colors


  • Sizes range and measures approximately 1 to 1.5" in width and/or length and about 1" in height, but will vary.
  • Organic Draw string gift bag is 4"x6" 

Due to some small size and parts that could break off, this item is for ages +3.

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